Comprised of myriad members of Liverpool’s finest jazz, folk, gypsy, avant-noise, prog, pop and rock bands, Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band serve up a quixotic mix of cacophonous, euphoric klezmer and downright dirty head bopping beats. Free-jazz brass squeals fuse with heart wrenching siren vocals and intricate rhythms to create a loose, riotous sound underpinned with leg-swingingly pleasurable grooves. As could be expected from a band which encapsulates a melting pot of Liverpool talent, this nomadic troupe of rough and ready musical magpies offer an incendiary collision of genres which is part New Orleans Dixie ensemble, part street-punk riot, part Yorkshire Tea advert.

The band have been through many guises and formats; after beginning as a street band they hit the UK festival circuit in 2013, taking their infectious sound to a host of the UK’s premiere summer festivals – Beacons, Croissant Neuf, Festival No.6 and Latitude to name a few (Q magazine noticed one impromptu set and put it in their top 20 acts of the festival). After releasing two singles in 2014 (both tracks were championed by BBC 6 Music) they toured again, this time as a live stage band incorporating synths and electronics to their sound. In 2015 they took their ‘HEX’ show on a tour of street theatre festivals – an experimental street show that won the annual ‘Gi20’ Jury prize. They are now taking a fresh line up, sound, and set of songs out on the road for a series of shows throughout Europe and the UK in order to promote their long awaited new album this summer.